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Welcome to Phantom-Quest

Phantom-Quest is an online text-based MMORPG/PBBG of which you take on the role of a character. You must grow to survive, by training, battling NPCs and other players, as well as progressing your stats and equipment as you go. Join up today, it's free!

Phantom-Quest is an ever growing multiplayer game. New stuff is always added, sometimes weekly, someimes daily, or monthly. It is my personal promise that Phantom-Quest will never run out of new things to do.

So, grab your weapons and armour. Put on your meanest face, grit your teeth, and jump into the world of Phantom-Quest. Take on our finest warriors.


Aspirus: You may ask why you have been gathered here with such haste but, I am afraid the answer cannot be given to you immediately. I assume you are all aware of the turmoil the world is suffering as I speak? Yes well, the time has come for it to stop, we must all depart as a council, walk our own ways. Why, you ask? Because it is the only way. People need to be given something that they can stand firm in, something they can believe in...something that will inspire them to find the light, to discover the virtues these lands hold, so they can lead a peaceful, sanctimonious life. The way to do this is through you, I am to provide you all with an abode, a city...in simple terms. This city will be your home, and the home of those that choose to follow you. I, on the other hand, will destroy those unworthy, and leave only those with the potential to nourish, and do good. I will provide these people with a temporary home, where they can learn of you, the 8 ruling Gods, and where they can train before they make a decision and begin the quest to seek there God. This home will be named...Ghost Town, in remembrance of the shadows of those that were destroyed, the souls that were branded unworthy.

It is your task now...to decide the support you will provide to those that wish to seek the path and follow you. Make sure you think through what you can provide your people with, so they can decide wisely and then seek your abode; your city.

I require one last thing of you, please name your city, and its purpose...

Hades: I wish to name my city...Vita. My purpose for the people is to sustain life.

Apollo: I wish to name my city...Lumen. My purpose for the people is to help them grow.

Aquilo: I wish to name my city...Anima. My purpose for the people is to multiply speed.

Janus: I wish to name my city...Fortuna. My purpose for the people is to multiply luck.

Ares: I wish to name my city...Bellum. My purpose for the people is to multiply strength.

Lycaeus: I wish to name my city...Laetus. My purpose for the people is to provide enhanced power.

Morpheus: I wish to name my city...Somnus. My purpose for the people is to gain intelligence.

Juventus: I wish to name my city...Proles. My purpose for the people is to teach them the virtues.

Aspirus: Good, well, it seems you have all made...wise choices. I will re-iterate my words one last time...you must lead all young people that seek you to a better life, allow them a chance to gain riches, and to grow strong and powerful. You must allow all to enter your city, and allow all to make there own decision as to whether they will follow your guidance, or anothers guidance. This is all, that I...the all powerful Aspirus has to say, my final words are: This is a quest for freedom, light, virtue, strength, love and happiness. This is a long, quest of unfathomable magnitude...this is the Phantom Quest.


The year is 3000 AD, the world as you know it has fallen into disrepair and ruin. It has become a daily occurrence to view murder, or an act of unforgivable felony. People are beginning to fight amongst each other for riches and...life as you know it is slowly, painfully...drawing to an end. You have heard rumours that there is a man that is able to send people off to a new land, a land of the past, when life was good. You decide to seek this man's whereabouts.

After much travelling, you arrive at a small office building in the corner of a busy city. You knock on the door, but nobody answers, so you decide to enter on your own.
You search around inside, but for the most part find nothing but old, dusty boxes. As you enter the second room, you're startled by a man sitting on a stool in the corner. He begins to speak.

Wil: Hello. I assume you've come here because you heard about this new land? Of course you have. Why else would anybody come here. So, you think you deserve a shot? Prove it.
After a few minutes of speaking with him, he decides to let you pass. A portal opens, and you walk through.

You arrive in a small, seemingly empty town. But you notice something strange...there are no office buildings, no cars, merely modestly built buildings. There are no paved streets, merely dirt paths. You start to wonder just where you are.
You see a small, makeshift house to your left, with light coming through the dusty windows, so you decide to ask whoever is inside.
A small, older man looks up at you as you knock on the door, and slowly enter. You ask him what this place is.

Gil: What is this place? Ahh, you're a new one, I see. Sit down, I'll explain.
You have entered the Phantom-Quest. You're now placed in the early 1900s, before cars and all of that racket. But of course, since this is a prefabricated world, there are a few select items brought back from the future. You have been brought here because you've been deemed savable by Wil, by younger brother in the future. Your goal in Phantom-Quest is to become a better person all around. In order to complete the Phantom-Quest, you must complete all of the virtues, laid out by Aspirus. Ah yes, Aspirus is the God that has devised this land. Him and his Council made it as an attempt to help save humanity. But is isn't all fun and games down here, oh no. Out in the wilderness, you could get your head taken off in a bite. You're only really safe in the towns. There are 8 main towns, not including this. I just refer to this place as Ghost Town, since it is fairly vacant.

My advice to you is to poke around here a bit more, see what you can find, and then venture off to the other towns to find what you may.
Oh, one last thing, watch out for the other people. They're not unfriendly, but they will attack you. I wouldn't take offense, it is merely for training purposes. Any fights that you may have with another player are all in good spirit, because we're all down here with the same set of goals in mind. Good luck, young'un.


Fixed afore mentioned timestamps (By Phoenix Shadow)
Updated updates page, new updates will show correct timestamp. Chat list works, no more 'rocks'. Forums edits for staff members so we should all see the right tables now. (By Phoenix Shadow)
Steel Salesman now have the option to Sell all of this Type when selling unfinished weapons and armour to the stores. (By Derek)
Made the slot machine in Fortuna look nice, so it costs a bit more. Changed the rest of Casino from bronze into chips. Changed some prize amounts. (By Phoenix Shadow)
Fixed Hangman, Casino, Forum bugs with moving player accounts. (By Phoenix Shadow)
Fixed an error that made some browsers underline all the text in towns. (By Phoenix Shadow)
Can now access certain pages without being logged out ie Game News (By Phoenix Shadow)
Updated Chat with no-cache headers and cross-browser refresh code (By Phoenix Shadow)
Fixing systems PQTML and eregi errors (By Phoenix Shadow)
Added a little more spice to the Scratch Tickets at the casino. (By Alfonzo)
Removal of custom links has been moved to the My Accounts section. News Events and Mailbox links now appear in red when new items are waiting. (By Alfonzo)
Added Video Poker to Alfonzo's Casino in Fortuna (By Alfonzo)
Cleaned Up Player Rank Pages, reduced unnecessary code, Moved to Ghost Town (By Alfonzo)
Improved Visuals on Warp Gate (By Alfonzo)
Friendslist and Blacklists have been upgraded (By Alfonzo)
Hangman game added to Ghost Town (By Alfonzo)
Added a High Low game to the Fortuna Casino (By Alfonzo)
Added a smaller version of the Map on the explore area. (By Alfonzo)
Fixed the Milestone Order Bug/Issue (By Alfonzo)
Upgraded the Blackjack game and its features (By Alfonzo)

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